Making All Voices Count

Technologies, citizen voice and accountable governance

Making All Voices Count was a programme that supported the development and spread of innovative approaches to fostering accountable, responsive governance – many of them using tools and platforms based on mobile phone and digital technologies.

Innovation, scaling and research projects

From its inception in June 2013 until its end in November 2017, Making All Voices Count issued 178 grants:

  • 72 to innovation projects
  • 38 to scaling projects
  • 7 to tech hubs
  • 61 to research projects.

Fourteen key messages about tech and accountable governance

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Five lessons about supporting innovation

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A learning programme

Making All Voices Count generated research-based evidence on how technologies contribute to accountable governance change processes, and practice-based learning on how to support innovation in this field.

This site

This is an archive of resources from the programme. You can search our publications, projects and blogs by theme and by country, and by type of project or publication.

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January 17, 2018 | Lily L. Tsai, Nina McMurry, Swetha Rajeswaran and Alisa Zomer

Measuring the effect of civic leadership training