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Transforming governance: what role for technology?

Date added:July 7, 2016

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In February 2016, 55 researchers and practitioners met in Manila to discuss the role of technology in transforming governance.

It was a fast-moving conversation, with discussions on what 'transformative' means for people actually implementing projects. It included visits to a series of organisations in the Philippines to help challenge what it is we all think we know, and find out how others might be doing it better.

This report shares some of what participants learned from discussions, interviews, field visits and analysis during the workshop. It is a conversation on partnership, engagement and technology, and it questions how we value or challenge ideas of open data and open governance in our work.

The report is broken into four areas:

  • Inputs on three key ideas – transformative governance, vertical integration and accountability ecosystems – which provide governance practitioners with a framework for examining their practice
  • Examples of projects that have used digital technologies to improve the accountability of governance, and reflections on their achievements and challenges
  • Conversations on what makes a difference for transformative governance – context, tech for transformation, thick and thin engagement, partnership and transparency
  • Reflections on ways forward for transformative governance

To learn more download the report below, and visit the Transforming Governance site.

Download -3.7MB

About this publication

Authors Duncan Edwards Karen Brock Rosie McGee

Publication type Event report  Programme learning report 

Publication year2016

Page length48 pages

Keywordsaccountability ecosystems, transformative governance, transparency and accountability initiatives, vertical integration

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