Research and learning

Learning and reflecting on accountable, responsive governance is central to the work of Making All Voices Count.  We believe that learning can help us to achieve the changes that are needed to take us towards more sustainable and democratic governance systems.

Learning means actively and critically reflecting on our assumptions, as well as asking difficult questions and seeking answers from both researchers and practitioners. We value practice-based learning and evidence-based learning equally.

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Through research, we aim to understand the impact of projects using technology to promote transparent, accountable governance, so that these lessons can be taken up by policy-makers, funders and organisations.

We do this through grants to applied and academic researchers, to examine key themes and issues in this field; and to governance practitioners and tech innovators to carry out self-critical enquiry into their own experiences and contexts.

Check out our publications pages for outputs from our research projects.

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Making All Voices Count is committed to learning from the success – or failure – of our own work, and also to looking at lessons from the work of other projects and programmes applying technology to governance issues.

We fund NGOs, civil society, tech innovators and researchers to build a better understanding of the role of technology in accountable governance, and work to provide practical guidance for organisations which are developing new projects.

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