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Bridging and bonding: improving links between accountability actors

Date added:November 21, 2014

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When we walked in, the doctor was sat at his desk. We started asking about drug supply, maternal health, child mortality, which we knew were very problematic issues in the village. Then an old man walked in and sat by the doctor. From then on, we only heard great positive things about health in the village: no stock-outs, very low mortality, 24/7 ambulance... Turns out the old man was the village chairman.

Stories like these are all too common in parts of the world where the relationship between citizens and their governments is weak. The first Learning and Inspiration Event hosted by Making All Voices Count brought together people with different kinds of expertise to think collaboratively about how technology can be used to enhance citizen engagement and improve government responsiveness.

Everyone who attended came with something to share. From how governments in different parts of the world work to the creative ways in which citizens are trying to reach them; from the design of innovative channels of communication to how funding gets to the ground.

This report is for participants and others with an interest in technology for transparency and accountability. In the same spirit as the event, our intention is to share insights and lessons we have learned to help provoke thought and aide discussion. We also share some of the techniques and exercises used to facilitate learning which readers may also like to use when critically reflecting in their own practice.


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