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Evaluating and shaping the OGP’s engagement in Tanzania

Oxfam and Tamasha

Project type Practitioner research 

Country Tanzania 

Support 65,000

In partnership with Global Integrity, through the Learning to Make All Voices Count project
Start date
September 2016
End date
August 2017
Period: 12 months


A lack of knowledge and understanding about the OGP, and open government in general, prevents people from mobilising around transparency and accountability issues in their communities and districts. Women and youth in particular are less likely to be involved, especially in planning and decision-making around the issues that affect them.


This project aims to build upon the 'active citizenship' model developed through the Chukua Hatua project, which was also developed by Oxfam and Tamasha. Some of the 'animators' established to work in communities to enhance local governance will undertake participatory action research in 10 communities in Mbongwe to gather information related to the OGP. They will conduct two surveys using a smartphone app.

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Oxfam is an international NGO - a movement of millions of people, all working towards one goal - an end to poverty for everyone. Oxfam has been working in Tanzania since the early 1970s, and its work there aims to improve livelihoods and ensure people have adequate basic services, are safe, and can influence decisions that affect them and their communities.

Tamasha provide a critical youth perspective on all aspects of development, lobbying for the inclusion of adolescents and young people as a whole, and the most marginalised groups of young people in particular, to realise their rights and their rightful place at the centre of development: in their communities, in Tanzania, in East Africa and in Africa.

The other projects that are partners in Learning to Make All Voices Count are:

  • Universities and knowledge partnerships for open government (DLSU, the Philippines)
  • Deepening meaningful civil society and local government partnerships in the OGP (InciteGov, the Philippines)
  • Assessing the utilisation of e-planning and e-budgeting of sub-national governments in Indonesia (Prakarsa, Indonesia)
  • Increasing access to legal information in South Africa as a tool for strengthening access to justice (DGRU, South Africa)
  • Monitoring and supporting the Kenyan Government to achieve its OGP commitments (CRECO, Kenya)
  • Learning to make all voices count (Global Integrity, USA)


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