There are many streams of reflection and learning that take place in the different spaces of the programme and the projects that it funds, as well as the process of governance it interacts with.

We have funded governance practitioners, tech innovators and researchers to generate evidence and help to build theory on the role of technology in accountable governance.

Much of this learning is rooted in our research projects, and captured in our research publications.

But we are also learning from our own experiences of implementing Making All Voices Count. This programme learning is captured in blogs, stories of change, and a range of other programme documents.

A strong emphasis on adaptive learning runs through our own learning work and that of our partners. Our conversations on learning from practice and learning for change can be heard through our blogs, practice papers and event reports.

Sharing insights from these different types of learning is an important stepping stone to incrementally building our understandings about what works, under what circumstances, and why – helping us improve development initiatives aimed at transforming governance.