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Monitoring government development projects at local level

TransGov Ghana

“Accurate data is key to creating an accountable and effective government, starting from the local assemblies.” — TransGov
Start date
February 2016
End date
April 2017
Period: 15 months


In Ghana, local governments were created to serve as agents of development to give people in local areas greater opportunities and to influence policies and programmes that directly or indirectly affect their well-being. However the actual practice does not reflect this situation.

There is low participation and involvement of citizens in projects that affect citizen development. This has resulted in general public apathy, making duty bearers less accountable to citizens.


With this project, TransGov Ghana aims to enable citizens to monitor the status of developmental projects in their local government setting.

The innovation is targeted at Ghanaians between ages of 18-60 years and comprises of a web platform, an SMS system, a mobile application and the use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to reach marginalised, illiterate groups.

Moreover, TransGov seeks to promote social accountability through fostering citizens’ participation in local governance. This would help improve governance and increase development effectiveness through better service delivery and empowerment.


TransGov Ghana aims to give citizens and duty bearers alike, access to timely and accurate data to help advance accountability, public involvement and data-driven decision-making in local governance.