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Bringing transparency data into the hands of Pakistani people


Project type Innovation 

Country Pakistan 

Support 33,180

Country Engagement Developer Ria Ernunsari

“Citizens don’t have an easy way to know who has been working for them. With information available one click away, better governance is the only way to be in the good books of the people.” — TrackReps

116  million

phone users in Pakistan in 2015

35 million

people are smartphone users

Start date
April 2016
End date
December 2016
Period: 9 months


In Pakistan, there is a lack of information and transparency on how the public representatives are performing after they have been elected and entrusted by the voters.

There is actually no tool to monitor how they are serving the public after getting into the various assemblies. For example, once they become lawmakers are they making any laws which benefit the public or certain disadvantaged groups?

This void of information results in citizens not being able to keep track of who to vote for in the next elections, as the data from which they can gauge who has been working for them is not available.


TrackReps brings the performance data of public representatives just a tap or click away. It utilises today’s technology to bring transparency data in the hands of people who use smartphones and have access to the internet.

Leveraging ICT technologies, a profile of each representative will be created with information like bills/laws proposed or projects initiated. By using this organised data pool, citizens will be able to make informed and well-thought voting decisions and ensure accountability, just by using a phone app.

A smartphone app prototype has also been developed, with features like search option for lawmakers by name and constituency, and search functionality for laws. It was followed by integration of analytics inside the app, short survey and user testing.


TrackReps is a young start-up that uses technology to empower Pakistani citizens to track the performance of their elected representatives when it comes to law making. The team currently consists of 3 young men with skills in programming and design in both mobile and web. They also have some experience building apps, as well as participating actively in Peshawar’s nascent tech community.

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