“We want to ensure that public resources work for the people and that the voices of citizens not only count, but are amplified and documented” — TrackaNG


citizens nationwide are expected to be reached through the project


most corrupt country in Africa

Start date
September 2015
End date
September 2016
Period: 12 months


Despite Nigeria’s enormous natural resources, large parts of the country struggle to provide basic services for Nigerian citizens. The country remains one of the least transparent in the world, and there is widespread acknowledgement of corruption, especially around the government’s budget process and public finance management.

While citizens do have access to the Federal Government budget data, they often lack the necessary knowledge and skills to actually understand them or analyse these huge data sets. As a result, it is impossible for ordinary people to check whether the budgets are being efficiently implemented or if there are misspent funds.

This is why an open budget, that is accessible and illustrative for all, is a necessity for development in Nigeria.


BudgIT has created Tracka, a social platform for Nigerians who are interested in tracking budgets and public developmental projects in their community.

Combining Open Data with existing social media tools, this platform will bring people together to share photos, videos, documents and comments on existing projects in their communities, creating a genuinely accessible and inclusive platform.

Tracka will clearly inform citizens about the projects they should expect to see executed in their communities and empower their demands for efficient and timely service delivery from the government.


BudgIT is a pioneer in the field of social advocacy melded with technology, using an array of tech tools to simplify the budget and matters of public spending for citizens, with the primary aim of raising standard of transparency and accountability in government. So far, BudgIT has been able to reach over 750,000 Nigerians via digital and physical spaces, leading online and offline conversations on government finance and public sector efficiency.