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Promoting access to timely and reliable budget information

International Budget Partnership Kenya (IBP)

Project type Scaling 

Country Kenya 

Support £100,000

In partnership with Institute of Public Finance, Kenya and Kerio Center for Community Development and Human Rights
“The failure to ensure public access to critical budget documents continues to deny citizens an opportunity to effectively participate in the governance process of the republic” — IBP


Kenya’s position in the Open Budget Index (OBI) in 2011 & 2012


Kenya’s OBI position in 2015

Start date
August 2016
End date
August 2017
Period: 13 months


The Open Government Declaration commits countries to uphold the principles of openness and transparency.

Kenya has taken some steps since 2003 when the country became among the 10 African countries that signed up voluntarily for the Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) – a mutually agreed instrument of self-monitoring mechanism.

In 2011, Kenya agreed to open itself up to scrutiny by signing up to the Open Government Partnership and becoming the first in Sub Saharan Africa to have an open government data portal. However, indicators suggest that Kenya is far from achieving a more open and inclusive governance and providing its citizens more opportunities in decision-making structures.


International Budget Partnership believes change happens when civil society organizations work both to supply and demand side of public sector budgeting.

On the supply side, the project seeks to forge partnership with government to build capacity, provide external feedback on policies and practices, and to facilitate more constructive dialogue between citizens and the state.

On the demand side, the project aims to encourage greater understanding of public finance, more organized and penetrating engagement with budgets, and evidence-based advocacy around process and content issues.

For this purpose, the project will organize meetings with key stakeholders, strengthen their capacities on relevant issues, review budget documents, and create a new portal for budget data.


International Budget Partnership trains civil society, media and government on public finances, conducts research, and promotes transparency and participation in budgets. The organization’s main role in the project will be to provide technical support, analysis and facilitation/moderation/convening power to help drive the various engagement with different stakeholders, particularly those at national level.


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