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Open government: assessing the utilisation of e-planning and e-budgeting of sub-national governments in Indonesia

Perkumpulan Prakarsa Indonesia

Country Indonesia 

Support £64,486

Country Engagement Developer Ria Ernunsari

In partnership with Global Integrity, through the Learning to Make All Voices Count project
“If the main users of e-governance platforms – officials – are not using the systems optimally, they will be burdened by the technical work that comes with e-governance, contradicting its goal of making their work more efficient.”
Start date
September 2016
End date
July 2017
Period: 10 months


Despite a presidential decree to establish e-governance platforms nationwide by 2018, the Government of Indonesia is struggling with implementation. There are many challenges, such as the lack of human resources to use information technology. Further, recent studies indicate that some local government websites for e-planning and e-budgeting are not well managed or maintained, and that the content – particularly financial information – is not always well understood or used. This suggests e-governance in Indonesia is not meeting its objectives.


This project will examine the implementation of e-budgeting and e-planning in four subnational governments that are championing these efforts. These case studies should contribute thinking to the national government’s plan to implement e-budgeting and e-planning at the national level by 2018, particularly regarding whether the online approach is suitable in Indonesia context.

The research component of this project will gather evidence from officials of four local government, village authorities and community members about whether e-mechanisms have been used, how users felt about the experience, and whether they would do it again.

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Perkumpulan Prakarsa works to nurture and enhance welfare ideas and actions through independent rigorous research and active engagement with stakeholders, to create social justice and a prosperous society. It combines research with policy analysis, engagement and communication capability to turn ideas into actions.

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