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Universities and knowledge partnerships for open government

Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance (JRIG)

Country The Philippines 

Support £65,000

Country Engagement Developer Vivien Suerte-Cortez

In partnership with Global Integrity, through the Learning to Make All Voices Count project
“The OGP is seen to have little or no impact at the community level. Local stakeholders lack knowledge and skills to translate and make the OGP relevant to their communities.”
Start date
September 2016
End date
October 2017
Period: 14 months


Many local CSOs in the Philippines lack sustainable, systematic knowledge management systems to guide the development and implementation of activities relevant to the OGP. This stems from the absence of ‘infomediaries’ to provide them with an effective knowledge base. As a result, the OGP’s commitments and practices are not well communicated at the local level, resulting in a lack of participation and ownership.


Universities can act as infomediaries and help bridge this knowledge gap. Through a multi-stakeholder knowledge partnership, which will be developed as an ICT platform, this project will help universities and local CSOs to develop and disseminate knowledge on open government best practices. By doing so, the project will highlight the role and function of universities as repositories for local-level knowledge development, community engagement and participation.

The research component of this project will gather evidence from the different stakeholders in the knowledge partnership to assess the progress of developing and launching the platform.

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The Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance is a governance research and training unit based at the College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University, Philippines. Its activities, projects and programmes strengthen performance, participation and transparency and accountability in governance systems across the public–private divide.

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Read a blog about the first Learning to Make All Voices Count workshop here, and watch Dr Francisco Magno of JMRIG discuss what he took away from the event.


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