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Deepening meaningful civil society and local government partnerships in the OGP


Country The Philippines 

Support £200,000

Country Engagement Developer Vivien Suerte-Cortez

In partnership with The Learning to Make All Voices Count project coordinates the adaptive learning processes of six innovation and practitioner research projects.
“Broader engagement in OGP is essential to create a more visible demand for greater transparency and participation in governance.”
Start date
September 2016
End date
June 2017
Period: 10 months


While participatory governance has historically prospered in the Philippines, there has been criticism that OGP initiatives have yet to benefit “regular” citizens. It is important to address this if the OGP is to gain relevance beyond CSOs already engaged in governance. More than this, under the new administration elected in 2016, some of the gains in citizens’ participation achieved under the previous government are being reversed. A louder and broader clamour for these gains to be sustained is needed in order to convince the new government not to roll back progressive initiatives like the bottom-up budgeting programme.


This project will encourage and enable more stakeholders to give their inputs to the OGP National Action Plan. This will also help to maintain the momentum around for citizen engagement that was built up under the previous government. The project will engage stakeholders using different approaches: while civil society is best mobilised through targeted round table discussions and broad consultations, local government representatives will be involved through national policy dialogue. Community members will be targeted through weekly assemblies. At the end of the project, the co-created National Action Plan will be more responsive to the issues of local stakeholders, and there will be broader ownership of it.

The research component of the project will gather evidence about the quality of engagement between government and civil society actors in the OGP steering committee, the buy-in of different actors to the OGP, and the engagement of sub-national stakeholders in crafting the OGP agenda.

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International Center for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov) is a membership-based, non-profit organisation that serves as an institutional nucleus for a reform-centred democratic movement in the Philippines. It aims to develop and put into operation a policy agenda that links democratic politics, good governance and development outcomes in critical reform areas.

The other projects that are partners in Learning to Make All Voices Count are:

  • Monitoring and supporting the Kenyan Government to achieve its OGP commitments (CRECO, Kenya)
  • Universities and knowledge partnerships for open government (DLSU, the Philippines)
  • Assessing the utilisation of e-planning and e-budgeting of sub-national governments in Indonesia (Prakarsa, Indonesia)
  • Increasing access to legal information in South Africa as a tool for strengthening access to justice (DGRU, South Africa)
  • Evaluating and shaping the OGP's engagement in Tanzania (Oxfam / Tamasha, Tanzania)
  • Learning to make all voices count (Global Integrity, USA)


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