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Monitoring and supporting the Kenyan government to achieve its OGP commitments

Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO)

Project type Practitioner research 

Country Kenya 

Support £40,000

In partnership with Global Integrity, through the Learning to Make All Voices Count project
“The OGP provides an additional ‘weapon’ for citizens and CSOs to hold the government accountable.”
Start date
September 2016
End date
July 2017
Period: 10 months


There is a lack of awareness among Kenyan citizens about the OGP, and only a small number of CSOs have engaged in the process so far. There is little evidence of Kenya’s first OGP National Action Plan being implemented, yet the government is using public resources to participate in the OGP and needs to be held accountable for this. Furthermore, the OGP provides a way for citizens and CSOs to work with the government to achieve open governance, but low awareness is limiting this process.


CRECO plans to raise awareness of and increase participation in the OGP processes by CSOs. It will also increase citizens’ interest by linking the OGP to existing issues that are important to them. To do this, the project will create spaces where CSOs, citizens and the government can co-create and model OGP commitments. This will include a portal to inform, interact on and monitor OGP implementation.

The adaptive learning component of the project will see CRECO engage in collecting evidence about how change is happeing and in regular, structured reflections about how its strategy is playing out in practice.

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Founded in 1998, CRECO is a network of 23 urban and rural-based NGOs and CSOs from across Kenya that implement diverse human rights, democracy and governance activities.

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