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Customisation of Muncipal Barometer to meet citizens’ data needs

Centre for Municipal Research and Advice

“Without proper access to data, citizens struggle to make informed decisions and find it challenging to hold government accountable” — Centre for Municipal Research and Advice
Start date
March 2015
End date
September 2015
Period: 7 months


In South Africa, the limited availability of local level government data is an issue for both government and citizens alike.

Government departments need readily available, and up-to-date local level data to support effective program planning and implementation, while citizens struggle to hold government accountable for delivering public services.

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA), which represents municipalities across the country, has established a web-based portal called the Municipal Barometer, with the aim of making local level data is easily accessible to its members – and to the public.


This Practitioner Research and Learning grant, implemented by the Centre for Municipal Research and Advice (CMRA) builds on their current Municipal Barometer project,

It aims to provide insights into demand for this kind of open government data by those organisations committed to playing a role in accountability at local or provincial levels.

The team will identify and test a range of use cases that could inform further development of open government data platforms, including the Municipal Barometer.

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