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Government-citizen partnerships in Turkana County

Centre for Advocacy, Relief and Development

Project type Innovation 

Country Kenya 

Support ‎£17,513

Country Engagement Developer Varyanne Sika

“To be able to participate in policy-making, citizens need to be informed.” — Jeremiah Namuya, CARD


of people in Loima County have completed secondary education - the lowest rates for any county in Kenya


of people in Loima sub-county have no education at all


Start date
February 2015
End date
July 2015
Period: 6 months


Education statistics in Turkana County are the lowest in Kenya. Turkana has the highest proportion of people with no education at all, and citizens living there are seven times less likely to have secondary education than the average Kenyan.

Despite the county government's commitments to tackling the issue, there remains a lack of accurate, regularly updated information to support government decisions on how to best deliver education services, and information that would allow communities to hold government account for education services is not gathered, analysed or shared.


The Centre for Advocacy, Relief and Development (CARD) is strengthening the flow of information between citizens and government in Turkana County, so that citizens are better able to monitor quality of education services and to hold government to account for delivering them.

In this pilot, CARD is mapping information gaps, opportunities and cost-effective tools to collect education data such as teacher absenteeism, school infrastructure, pupil attendance and availability of schoolbooks at scale across the county. The team are working with the Country Government to make sure tools and processes they design are firmly embedded within the systems of the Ministry of Education and its partnership.

The next phase of the project will see the roll-out of the tools and a platform that provides accessible, up-to-date information and creates an inclusive forum for informed decision making and improved education services.


The Centre for Advocacy Relief and Development (CARD) is a CSO working in Turkana County since 2013 with a focus on education, governance, water and sanitation, food security and peace building programmes.

Through community driven initiatives, research, advocacy and active engagement with the policy community, CARD is committed to promote social and economic empowerment of the local people in order to spark sustainable development across Turkana County.