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Tools and platforms supporting accountability during emergencies in the Philippines

Center for Disaster Preparedness

“No single agency is monitoring the receipt and utilisation of funds for disaster victims.” — CDP
Start date
March 2016
End date
April 2017
Period: 12 months


There are laws in place in the Philippines to ensure that government, both local and national, is accountable to citizens in the wake of natural disasters. Yet after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, many such initiatives fell short of expectations.

Which mechanisms, tools and platforms are needed to support accountability and transparency during disaster response efforts?


With limited research and information available on how accountability occurs in the wake of disasters in the Philippines, this research will evaluate how communities can be engaged as the main sources of accountability data. It will look at which community mechanisms worked best during the Haiyan response, including community-based mechanisms and technologies that were developed during that period.

The research will also contribute to the overall assessment of what makes an enabling environment for accountability to affected population platforms and mechanisms; currently, there are no national guidelines or policies that support this.

Lastly, it will look into which communication tools and technologies can be easily used by affected communities to submit their feedback on the quality of interventions provided to them during disaster responses.


The Center for Disaster Preparedness is a regional resource centre based in the Philippines. It promotes community-based climate and disaster risk reduction and management, facilitates interactive learning and discourse on climate and disaster risk reduction, and advocates for policies and programmes that protect the environment and mitigate climate and disaster risk.