Event | October 12, 2017 - October 12, 2017 | 10.00-17.00 | Ryaduta Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia

In Indonesia, Making All Voices Count is focusing on gathering learning on citizen engagement and government responsiveness in the invited spaces of the country's transparency and accountability ecosystem.

On 12 October 2017, Making All Voices Count grantees and stakeholders are coming together in Jakarta to reflect on eight national learning papers and share knowledge about Indonesia's #tech4gov programmes.

The event will look into:

  • How do the different layers of government interplay when responding to citizens’ enquiry in the invited spaces, aimed at public service delivery improvement?
  • Which types of citizens use IT-platform to engage with accountability and governance issues, and in what IT-ways possible do they push for government responsiveness? What are their motivations and incentives in using or not using IT in engaging with governance and accountability issues?
  • How effective is the use of IT in enabling interaction between citizens and government for problem solving to improve public service delivery? How is its relationship with non-IT/more traditional platform of interaction?
  • How do ‘enablers’ or ‘intermediaries’ function in the invited and e-invited spaces of T&A ecosystem to solve problems in accessing and/or improving public services?
During the Learning Event, an OGP Roundtable Discussion will take place aiming at providing a better understanding of the Open Government developments in Indonesia, sharing information, inspiration and strategies of Open Government implementation in and identifying the opportunities and challenges of Open Government in the country.