What we do in Nigeria

One of the economic powerhouses of Africa, Nigeria is a country of extremes, with huge pockets of wealth and commerce standing beside areas of great poverty, inequality and conflict.

Government services in Nigeria are a divisive issue. Distribution still varies significantly across states, as does participation of minority groups in governance processes. Perceptions of corruption at all levels of government remains high, and there is a lack of transparency around what money comes into the government – particularly from the extractive industries – and how it is spent.

Partnering with government, civil society, NGOs, researchers, and actors in the technology sector, Making All Voices Count is focussed on improving accountable governance in Nigeria, Our work supports projects at the national and local levels, with the aim of widening opportunities for ordinary people to have a voice in how their government is run.

“Nigeria has a quarter of Africa’s extreme poor, with about 100 million of a population of 158 million living on less than £1 a day. Unless progress is made in Nigeria, the MDGs will not be met in Africa - DFID 2015”