What we do in Mozambique

Mozambique’s strong legal and policy framework supports the engagement of citizens in governance processes. The law recognizes the right of citizens, either as individuals or in groups, to participate in the political, economic and social development issues of the country.

However, as in many countries, the gap between policy and practice is significant, beginning with a widespread lack of knowledge about who can engage in what processes and how.

Partnering with government, civil society, NGOs, researchers, and actors in the technology sector, Making All Voices Count is focussed on improving accountable governance in Mozambique. Our work supports projects at the national and local level, with the aim of widening opportunities for ordinary people to have a voice in how their government is run, and supporting government to listen and respond.

“Mozambique remains one of the world’s poorest countries – 178 out of 187 countries in UNDP’s latest Human Development Index - UNDP”