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Tushirikiane project: Following up on election promises to improve service delivery

Jamii Media Company Ltd

Project type Innovation 

Country Tanzania 


Country Engagement DeveloperSanne van der Berg

“We estimate that 75% of Tanzanian MPs regularly browse Jamii Forums.” —Jamii Media


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daily visits from a mostly Tanzania-based, Swahili audience

Start date
May 2016
End date
May 2017
Period: 12 months


In Tanzania, questioning your Members of Parliament or admitting challenges to your constituents, is far from every-day practice.

There is a need for mechanisms for citizens to track the implementation of election promises and hold MPs to account on their performance and for local government to increase its responsiveness.


With this project, Jamii Media is trying to use its popularity, and the faith its followers have in their political neutrality, to bring citizens and Members of Parliament closer together in addressing issues affecting citizens’ lives.

In five constituencies (Bukoba, Kigoma, Nzega, Mtama, Kigamboni), workshops have taken place with the MP, local government authorities and a selection of citizens to discuss the implementation of a number of election promises and select around 5 issues that need addressing in their constituencies.

These issues are noted in an MoU between Jamii Media and the respective MP, after which the MP will work on delivering those promises within the project timeframe. Each constituency is provided with a sub-platform on Jamii Forums where documentation is shared, citizens are able to comment/discuss/ask questions, and MPs and local authorities are able to answer questions and provide updates.


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