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Action research on the Free State Housing Campaign

Qholaqhwe Advice Centre

Project type Practitioner research 

Country South Africa 

Support £25,000

In partnership with Association of Community Advice Offices South Africa
“It is an opportune time to strengthen voice of citizens through a campaign to simplify and disseminate information around the housing allocation process, and to build links between people with housing needs and municipalities tasked with delivery.”
Start date
October 2016
End date
November 2017
Period: 14 months


Access to adequate housing is a constitutional right in South Africa. But many citizens struggle to access safe, affordable housing. Housing allocation criteria and processes are complex, and the budgets and development plans of local municipalities do not reflect actual housing needs. Housing standards and construction are not consistent and suffer from corruption.


The Free State Housing Campaign aims to strengthen the voice of people with housing needs by holding government accountable for housing delivery.

As part of the campaign, several cycles of embedded action research will deepen the understanding of the extent and nature of housing needs and provide opportunities for building activism.

Accessible and appropriate technology and diverse media will be used to support the action research, to share information on relevant legislation and responsibilities. This will enable lobbying, advocacy and mobilisation targeted at different levels of government.

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The Association of Community Advice Offices South Africa (ACAOSA) Hub of the Free State is made up of 22 Community Advice Offices. They are working to create a strong platform for access to justice and enjoyment of human rights at a community level, believing that transformation is only possible through informed and mobilised people working as a collective. Qholaqhwe Advice Centre holds the contract for this project, on behalf of ACAOSA Free State Hub.