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Mobile Drug Tracking System

Transparency International, Kenya

“The poorest households in Kenya bear the brunt of the impact of a weak pharmaceutical procurement system because they rely on public health facilities.” —Transparency International, Kenya


of total expenditure of Kenyan's health facilities are spent on medicine

46 days

is the average stock out of essential drugs in Kenyan public hospitals

Start date
June 2014
End date
July 2016
Period: 26 months


The Kenya National Pharmaceutical Policy aims to ensure availability of safe and effective essential medicines in the public sector. But for communities who depend upon public sector services, continued drug stock outs and poor supply systems threaten the aspirations of the policy, as well as people’s lives in some of the poorest areas in Kenya.


Making All Voices Count has partnered with Transparency International – Kenya (TI-Kenya) to increase efficiency in the procurement and distribution of essential drugs to Kenya’s public health system. TI-Kenya will expand a pilot mobile drug tracking system from an initial three facilities to an additional five.

This system allows patients to query availability of essential medicines through mobile phones. It also allows health providers to query stock status from the national supply agency and it serves as a complaints response mechanism.

By addressing gaps in information the project team hope to support a more equitable, efficient relationship between state suppliers, health providers and patients all over Kenya.


Transparency International Kenya (TI-Kenya) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1999 in Kenya with the aim of developing a transparent and corruption free society through good governance and social justice initiatives. TI-Kenya is one of the autonomous chapters of the global Transparency International movement that are all bound by a common vision of a corruption-free world.