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Understanding government reactions to transparency and accountability demands

Institute of Development Studies

Project type Research 

Support £40,750

“Why do some officials become champions of transparency and accountability while others resist?”
Start date
April 2016
End date
February 2017
Period: 11 months


In recent years there has been much empirical research and conceptual development in the field of transparency and accountability (T&A).

But recent literature has tended to focus on citizens; the government/public official side of accountability remains understudied.


This desk-based review will ‘unpack’ government responsiveness. It will examine the institutions and incentives that shape officials’ behaviour, as well as the perceptions and ideology of public officials with regard to citizens’ claims.

This will help to create a framework for understanding government responsiveness.


The lead researcher is Anuradha Joshi, at the Institute of Development Studies. The Institute of Development Studies is a leading global institution for development research, teaching and learning, and impact and communications. It is based at the University of Sussex, UK.