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Innovating advocacy for truth and justice

Acehnese Civil Society Task Force (ACSTF)

Country Indonesia 

Support £59,336

Country Engagement Developer Ria Ernunsari

In partnership with Komnas HAM, ELVA
“Mixing traditional with highly innovative approaches to lobbying, advocacy and awareness raising, we will facilitate a broad popular call for change” — ACSTF


year civil war troubled the Aceh province


people lost their lives during the decades of violence

Start date
August 2016
End date
August 2017
Period: 13 months


It is more than a decade since the Peace Accord between the Government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement. But the Truth and Reconciliation Committee foreseen in the accord has not yet come into being. This is despite continued lobbying by victims of human rights violations, and other civic campaigns aimed at gaining support for real policy change.



The Acehnese Civil Society Task Force and partners will develop an advocacy platform designed to give victims a voice in lobbying for concrete actions on transitional justice. The platform will combine citizen polling with video testimonials to promote justice and reconciliation.

The project intends to utilise increases in Internet connectivity to facilitate a broad popular call for a changes in the perception of issues of truth, reconciliation and justice. Rigorous, citizen-driven data analysis will be employed to support this change in attitude, and to challenge misconceptions about transitional justice.


The Acehnese Civil Society Task Force (ACSTF) is an organisation born out of a conference of the same name held in Washington DC in 2001, organised by the International Forum for Aceh and the Global Peace Centre of the American University. Its mission is to engage all levels of Indonesian and International civil society towards supporting and maintaining the peace process in Aceh, and to resolve the conflict through dialogue and non-violent means.