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Free State Housing Campaign

Qholaqhwe Advice Centre

Project type Innovation 

Country South Africa 

Support £40,000

Country Engagement Developer Deborah Byrnes

“Improved housing delivery in the Free State should be possible by giving greater capacity to those people without adequate housing to call on local government to offer safe, transparent and fair housing allocation, responding to real housing needs.” — Qholaqhwe Advice Centre
Start date
October 2016
End date
September 2017
Period: 12 months


Many people throughout the Free State in South Africa still struggle to access safe, adequate housing - even though ‘access to adequate housing’ is a constitutional right.

Women in particular are vulnerable to the impacts of unsafe housing. Improved legislation and policy are needed to increase transparent and accountable housing allocation at local government levels in the Free State.


The Free State Housing Campaign will enhance the capacity of the existing network of Community Advice Offices by building a cadre of informed housing activists in the Free State Province.

Through the Campaign, women and men with housing needs will be better informed of their rights, of the legislative framework aimed at upholding these rights, of housing service delivery processes. They will also reflect and learn adaptively about how best to engage and organise themselves around this information.

At the same time, local government will be better informed of the real extent and nature of the challenges confronting people with housing needs, and will have more clarity around their own housing service delivery policies and processes.

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The Association of Community Advice Offices South Africa (ACAOSA) Hub of the Free State is made up of 22 Community Advice Offices. They are working to create a strong platform for access to justice and enjoyment of human rights at a community level, believing that transformation is only possible through informed and mobilised people working as a collective. Qholaqhwe Advice Centre holds the contract for this project, on behalf of ACAOSA Free State Hub.