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Digital mapping & social accountability in Kenya

Kwale Youth and Governance Consortium


of Kwale households earn less than Sh3,000 a month - significantly less than the country's minimum wage.


Start date
November 2015
End date
October 2016
Period: 12 months


Kwale, in the South East of Kenya, is rich in natural resources, providing the county with a huge opportunity to support its economic development.

But there are cautionary tales from other counties in Kenya, and countries across Africa, about how local communities are excluded in both deciding what extractive industries can do, and what happens to the public’s share of the revenue produced. And these issues are coming forward in Kwale too.

There is almost no information available about the mining projects that the government has approved for Kwale, and communities in the county have reported being evicted from their homes without compensation by both the government and private mining companies.


With this project, the Kwale Youth and Govenance Consortium (KYGC), is mapping projects in Kwale county that are related to extractive industries.

Using GPS devices and an app to collect information, digital maps are created and distributed and discussed at community forums in mining regions across Kwale County.

The projects builds on a pilot model that has built up good relationships with the community and local government, helping all parties to understanding exactly what is being done in their county.

This information is the first step to supporting communities to hold their local government accountable for including them in decisions made about extractive industries and how the revenue from them is spent.


KYGC has been involved in digitally mapping issues of social accountability since 2011 and has built up relationships with local communities and local government. Apart from government, the organization is also working with Pwani University to publish a baseline report on natural resource information in Kwale.