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“Our pilot project has demonstrated the potential impact that the use of two-way feedback loop technology can have in strengthening citizen-government engagement, and in reducing the incidence of sexual abuse in Liberia.” — TGCI


of the youth and adult population reached with pilot project


of the youth and adult population will be reached with the scaling project



Start date
May 2016
End date
August 2017
Period: 16 months


Sexual violence in Liberia is a major concern. It counts as one of the most common crimes in the monthly police listings in Monrovia, Liberia's capital city. According to treatment centre statistics, the majority of the victims are children.

The Liberia Citizen-Government Engagement Project (CGEP) of The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI) works towards increasing knowledge and awareness of citizens on the importance of reporting sexual abuse and rape.

With a scaling grant, it is expanding its use of simple technology-based interventions to enhance citizen-government collaboration and reduce the widespread problem of sexual abuse of children in Liberian communities.


The Liberia Citizen-Government Engagement Project (CGEP) has been implemented on a pilot basis for the past year with promising results in two Liberian countries-Margibi and Grand Cape Mount- in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MGCSP) and support from Making All Voices Count.

Building on this experience, TGCI will expand its efforts to reach the entire population of the two pilot counties and implement the project in 1 additional county- Bomi county- and in the West Point District of Monrovia.

The team will enter into operational partnerships with neighboring country governments, like Sierra Leone, to ensure the apprehension of offenders who try and flee and it will conduct outreach activities to help ensure that incidents of sexual abuse committed by UN peacekeepers are also covered by the project.

TGCI will facilitate effective victim recovery and care through the repair and operation of safe houses and make sure that the ability of citizens to report incidents of sexual abuse to the government and the capacity of the government to effectively respond to sexual abuse incident reports are both increased.

Strengthening the capacity of government ministries to contribute financial and material resources for the sustainability of the project is also a key element of this scaling project.

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