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BuniHub innovation hub


“The long-term direction of Buni is to act as an ecosystem supporter to work with all stakeholders, to foster technology innovation and entrepreneurship for economic and social development.”
Start date
July 2016
End date
June 2017
Period: 12 months


Innovators in Tanzania lack the capacity and access to information and networks that they need in order to develop civic technology. How can innovators be equipped with knowledge, networks and skills such that they are enabled to create solutions to local governance challenges through leveraging ICT?


Buni Hub’s a partnership with Making All Voices Count focuses on two angles: bringing together actors in tech, civil society, private sector and government to form working relationships and exchange knowledge and ideas; and at the same time mentoring and supporting young innovators to develop new civic technology ideas into sustainable start-ups that have an impact on governance.

Activities will include:

  • Tech4Governance Monthly Forum: meetings and resources to bring together stakeholders to discuss different ways technology can be used to as a tool to facilitate governance processes
  • Code 4 Citizens (C4C): a platform to promote tech for governance to Tanzanian youth, and to support and advise social entrepreneurs and innovators to work on their ideas
  • Grassroot Citizen Engagement: district level innovation hubs working to support communities to develop resources for technology and citizen participation, with a focus on participatory budgeting and planning processes.

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Buni Hub is a co-creation working space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that focuses on promoting innovation and technology entrepreneurship. The hub has a strong focus on capacity building and skill development for Tanzanian youth.  The hub seeks to nurture individuals with entrepreneurial potential by equipping them with the skills, networks and financing to develop their innovations.