Event | July 16, 2014

The Open Knowledge Festival 2014 is set to be the biggest open data and open knowledge event to date. It will be global, inclusive and participatory.

Making All Voices Count is supporting session, Can Open Data go Wrong? at 16.30  July 16, 2014.

The free and open exchange of knowledge empowers people, promotes accountability and sparks creativity. However, publishing and using data for social good can sometimes have the opposite result: cautionary tales are shared in corridors and back channels about open data projects that empowered the powerful, endangered the powerless, and generally made things worse while honestly trying to help. This session will provide a safe and private conversation space for all those who wish to share their experiences of open data snafus, ranging from hilarious to perilous, with the goal of transparently learning from our failures, and empowering new projects with roadmaps on how to open and share responsibly.

Session hashtags: #OkFestBuzzkill #responsibledata


  • Lindsay Beck is a Program Officer at the National Democratic Institute's NDItech team. Lindsay works on integrating use of innovative applications of technology to the unique challenges of countries worldwide, focusing on how NDI and its partners can safeguard their data and communications in their projects to hold governments accountable as well as monitor elections and other political processes.
  • Alix Dunn is a co-founder of the engine room. She has a background in training, facilitation, and research on technology uptake by advocacy organizations.
  • Tin Geber has a background in communication studies, web development, and interface design, and he works to simplify the relationship between technology, data, and human beings.
  • Mushon Zer-Aviv is a designer, an educator and a media activist based in Tel Aviv & NY. As a part of his work with the Public Knowledge Workshop in Israel he is leading a few budget transparency and civic action initiatives.  Mushon teaches digital media at Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. Check his work at Shual.com, read him at Mushon.com and follow him at @mushon.

For more information on conversations supported by Making All Voices Count at #OKFest see here.