Event | April 25, 2017 - April 26, 2017 | Villa Vittoria, Florence, Italy

TICTec 2017, the third Impacts of Civic Technology Conference, focuses on the impact that civic technology and digital democracy are having on citizens, decision makers and governments around the world.

It will discuss themes of engagement, participation, institution, social behaviour, politics, community, digital capability, communication and ethics relating to the use and study of civic technology.

It will bring together individuals from academic and applied backgrounds as well as businesses, public authorities, NGOs and educational institutions to discuss ideas, present research and build a network of individuals interested in the civic technology landscape.

Register for the conference here.

At 16.30 on April 25th, Making All Voices Count will host a plenary workshop in the Sala Verde. Rosie McGee and Duncan Edwards will share some of the outcomes from our programme's work in different contexts and discuss how they have come about. Pedro Prieto Martin of IDS and Preston Whitt of Results for Development will also share findings of their MAVC-funded research.

Also - don't miss the Making All Voices Count fringe event on April 27th - details and registration here