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Tech for governance programmes in Kenya

Date added:October 29, 2017

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Making All Voices Count has been a grant-making programme supporting tech for accountable governance initiatives, which in this report are defined as “projects, programmes and campaigns which use information and communications technologies (ICTs) in initiatives intended to increase transparency and improve government accountability to citizens”. Making All Voices Count also supported research about what works in accountable governance, and why. This report presents a country-specific synthesis of the trends, ideas, research and learning from the interventions supported by grants from Making All Voices Count in Kenya. It highlights the commonalities and diversity, and successes and challenges of the programme’s grantees.

The report starts with a brief history of Kenya’s tech for social good field, highlighting the recent hype about tech in the governance and international development sectors. The section thereafter provides an overview of Making All Voices Count programmes in a few short lines. This is followed by three case studies focusing on grantee projects, and a brief analysis of these case studies. A concluding discussion highlights questions regarding ways forward.

Download -691KB