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How do marginalised communities use tech for transparency and accountability (T4T&A) work?

This research report, by the Tactical Technology Collective (Tactical Tech), presents reflections and learnings from two studies of about how marginalised communities – lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) people in Nairobi, and economically marginalised housing and urban development rights activists in Johannesburg – use technology to demand their rights and hold their governments accountable.

The report looks at the limitations, risks and barriers that marginalised communities face. The key findings were that:

  • marginalised users have different needs for privacy and security online, and T4T&A activities need to integrate these concerns
  • collaborations across and within technology and activist movements and communities must recognise their different histories of engagement with politics, technology and the state
  • without the full enjoyment of human rights, marginalised people’s participation in T4T&A activities is bound to be limited.

There is a summary of findings and reflections available here.

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