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Public accountability in public procurement

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Project type Innovation 

Country Kenya 

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Country Engagement Developer Varyanne Sika

“In trying to understand the structural requirements for corruption in government it is useful to picture the government as a system within a larger social system.” — Global Pivotal Solutions


of Kenya's population thinks there is a very high level of corruption in the country


of Kenya's government budget is lost through corruption - Kenya's Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) 2016

Start date
March 2016
End date
August 2016
Period: 6 months


According to The World Bank, Kenya is growing faster than any other sub-Saharan African country. But, for many Kenyan citizens, there is one major impediment to the country’s continued growth; corruption.

The increase in corruption and a lack of transparency in procurement processes in Kenya means that citizens can't track and monitor government budgets. Ordinary Kenyans simply don't know when public money is being spent on projects that don't happen, and government can't be held accountable for failures in delivering basic services for its citizens.


This projects aims to tackle corruption by putting systems and processes in place to address one of the key the routes of corruption: government procurement processes.

The team is developing an application for public procurement that sends notifications to citizens when a tender of interest (specified by location, type, designation or activity) is available and compares the tender results so that procurement process in government more open and transparent.

The tool has an embedded database of market prices for various goods and services for reference, making it more difficult for contractors to overcharge, overquote, or change the description of procured goods and services. Eventually, the team hope that the project will open up information for and from both government and citizens to minimize the chances of corruption in procurement processes.


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