News | October 30, 2014

We’re excited to have launched the South to South Lab, a co-creation space of Making All Voices Count which will explore and strengthen interaction between citizens and government.

In addition to supporting creative and cutting-edge ideas, a large part of our work consists of brokering interventions and partnerships and further developing the capacity of our partners.

GIC 2015 Mentoring

Photo credit: Chouette Films

The South to South Lab is aimed at capacity development for our funded partners and other interested actors and will consist of networking through sharing lessons, mentoring, placing fellows and acting as the base of operations for tech hub partnerships.

The Lab will connect organisations within the Global South and beyond, enabling direct learning between actors facing similar challenges. As South to South Lab Manager Declan Ottaro explains:

Historically, much support for socially-focused projects has come from the Global North. The South to South Lab focuses on sharing learning across the globe, collecting experiences of innovators in order to build an evidence base as to what works and why and through this, we aim for more effective projects to improve governance.

This evidence base is built not only through the experiences of our funded partners, but also through Research coordinated by Making All Voices Count’s Research & Evidence component.

We will continue to support our partners and others to reflect and learn and share lessons through the Making All Voices Count websiteFacebook page and Twitter, and invite you to take part in these conversations as we take them forward.

Follow #S2SLab and stay tuned for further updates.