Making All Voices Count’s Programme Director Steps Down

News |June 23, 2015

This June at Making All Voices Count, we reach the half way point for this exciting and challenging Programme, which began its work in May 2013.

Since its inception, Making All Voices Count has brought together innovators, government, civil society, researchers and individuals to think about and tackle challenging governance issues that are neither simple to understand, nor easy to address. We have taken risks too, adapting to lessons that we have learned as a Programme about how to find, support and learn from our diverse and innovative partners.

Marjan Besuijen

Photo credit: Sala Lewis

As we come to this milestone, Making All Voices Count itself is changing shape: we are centralising grant management and the Programme Directorship in Nairobi and investing in new staff to support work in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa the Philippines and Indonesia.

With the relocation of the Programme Director post, I have handed over the leadership of the Programme, and am looking forward to taking on new adventures in my professional life. I am confident that Making All Voices Count will continue to build on the strengths of its three consortium members, Hivos, Ushahidi and the Institute for Development Studies, all of whom help to position the Programme as a uniquely ambitious endeavour.

I will continue to follow the Programme with great interest, and the team and new Interim Programme Director Fiona Thompson will have my on-going support as they work to amplify citizen voice and promote responsive and accountable governance across the world.

On behalf of all of us, I want to thank everyone who has supported the Programme over the last two years, and I hope that you will continue to help us to Make All Voices Count.

Marjan Besuijen