Event | April 2, 2015

This event explores the rapid and ambitious decentralization in Kenya, a process that emphasizes the role of public participation in local government and service delivery. World Bank Groups support to Kenya’s devolution process by a cross-practice team includes helping the government put in place basic frameworks and systems for public participation in brand-new county institutions.

This has required a systems-approach to building social accountability: by strengthening county structures and systems on accountability, transparency and participation on the ‘supply-side,’ which in turn enables demand-side accountability initiatives to potentially be more effective. The session will focus on exchanging lessons and experiences from operational teams, as well as clients and partners, on how to make decentralized service delivery more responsive and accountable.

Public participation in local government in Kenya

Public participation in local government in Kenya

This event is part of the Silo Busting Series that aims to showcase the on-going efforts of diverse Bank teams implementing activities that support greater transparency, social accountability, and improved governance through citizen engagement in a range of projects and contexts.

Diarietou Gaye, Country Director, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, will be giving opening remarks.

Maninder Gill, Director, GSURR, will be the Chair of the event.

Panelists include representatives from Government of Kenya and Bank staff.

Representatives from the Government of Kenya will be from the Ministry of Devolution and Planning (MoDP), the Kenya School of Government (KSG) and the Council of Governors (CoG) will also be sharing their experiences and insights.

Bank staff who will be on the panel will include Christopher Finch,   Senior Social Development Specialist, GSURR; Mesky Brhane, Program Leader for Kenya, Rwanda & Eritrea; Annette Omolo, Social Accountability Specialist; and Yvonne Machira, WB Consultant; Keith McLean, Lead Development Specialist, GGODR and Nicolas Perrin,Senior Social Development Specialist, GSURR

For more information on the subject, check out the Working Papers on social accountability and devolution launched by the Kenya School of Government and the World Bank.

The Working Papers can be downloaded on this link, and you can read an overview here.

Event Details

Date & Time: Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 9:300 to 11am EDT
Onsite: MC C2-131

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