Event | January 24, 2017

International NGO Tearfund recently completed their MAVC-funded research project in Uganda. On 24 January, they will be launching their research report - Bridging the Gap: The Role of Local Churches in Fostering Local-Level Social Accountability - at the House of Commons in London.

Working through the local church is at the heart of Tearfund’s approach to ending poverty.

They do this through a process called Church and Community Mobilisation (CCM), in which local churches work with their own communities to identify and solve local problems using local resources. To make this even more effective, they’ve been pioneering a new approach, CCM advocacy, which has seen local churches helping their communities engage with government officials, hold them to account, and draw down resources for basic services.

Tearfund’s MAVC-funded research demonstrates the results and impact of the pilot phase of CCM advocacy, and provides a strong evidence base for its success.

The Parliamentary launch event will celebrate the achievements of CCM advocacy so far, and explore ways to replicate and scale up this vital work. It will be hosted by Caroline Spelman MP, and there will be a number of speakers, including Nigel Harris, Tearfund CEO.

When: 24 January 2017, 16.00-18.00

Where: Thames Pavillion, House of Commons, London

The launch is by invitation only, but visit the Making All Voices Count and Tearfund websites for news of the event.