Event | July 18, 2014

Open Development Working Group

Friday, 18 July 2014 from 09:30 to 17:00 (BST)

This is an all day fringe event organised by the Open Development Working Group is sponsored by Making All Vocies Count. We will have a few set participatory sessions (no Powerpoints!) in addition to open space that will allow participants to hack the agenda to ensure that we are able to discuss the important issues and relevant themes emerging from discussions at OKFestival. The following sessions and topics for discussion have currently been proposed (more details about these session can be found on our hack pad here).

Set Sessions

  • Privacy and protection and how to analyze risk of open data to vulnerable population (Linda Raftree and Zara Rahman)
  • Fast, Open and Free? Putting a value on Open Development Knowledge. (Peter Mason and Laura Meggiolaro)
  • IATI TAG ToolCamp IATI & TAG Doc Sprint: Glossary
  • Emerging Insights from Making All Voices Count
  • Open Science for Development

Additional Suggested Topics of Discussion

  • Open Development Manifesto
  • Open Development Research Publishing
  • Ethics and Development Projects
  • Direct Citizen Engagement and its effect on Democracy
  • IATI and OC Data Uses at the Country Level
For more information on this event see here.