Event | November 1, 2015

AkiraChix is hosting its first annual Women in Technology Conference on November 1, 2014 celebrating women in tech and discussing key issues around women’s participation and contribution to the tech field in Africa. In honour of this event, Making All Voices Count together with AkiraChix have launched #IncYOUbateIT – a competition open to applicants from Kenya with inspiring ideas, either proven or to be developed to promote gender equality.

The themes for which you can submit your idea are listed below. They relate to the programme’s overarching goal; better governance, transparency and accountability.

“Our spaces. Our 
rights” - Securing women’s online spaces:

How does your idea target, track and/or address protection issues that women face such as harassment, sexism and violence? Does your idea enable more women to access online spaces more securely and reduce barriers for women and girls to participate in various forums online?

“Tech for Change” - Tech to address community/society/country governance issues:

How does your idea address a problem(s) faced by women and girls in the community, society and/or country? Does it encourage women and girls to access positions of leadership and potentially influence governance structures, policy or legislation?


- Finalists will have be given ‘idea booths’ during conference day (November 1, 2014) to engage with participants in strengthening their ideas and an opportunity to pitch to a panel of expert judges on November 8th 2014

- 1 – 2 winners of #IncYOUbateIT will get incubation support for their ideas from Making All Voices Count, with expert mentorship. Incubation will include preparation for potential innovation grants down the line, depending on (i) the development of a proposal strong enough to warrant a grant and (ii) demonstration of their capacity to successfully implement.

- Winners will also have access to the South to South Lab space with internet.

Key Dates

  1. Applications open on September 26, 2014 and close on October 20, 2014 at 23:59 GMT;
  2. Finalists announced on October 24, 2014
  3. Conference day and ‘idea booths’ on November 1, 2014
  4. Pitching sessions and selection of winners on November 8, 2014

For more information see: http://submit.makingallvoicescount.org/