What we do in Uganda

Uganda ranked 145 out of 175 on Transparency International’s Global Corruption Index in 2014. Despite strong anti-corruption laws and significant government oversight mechanisms, engagement between government and ordinary citizens remains low, and the public perception of corruption within government agencies has skyrocketed.

However, significant legislation in support of decentralisation is providing new opportunities for ordinary people to take part in local government planning and monitoring, and Uganda’s strong civil society sector has helped push through several key laws, including the Freedom of Information Act.

Building on these opportunities, Making All Voices Count’s work in Uganda is focused on widening citizen engagement in governance processes at the local and national levels, ensuring citizen voices are heard, and supporting governments to listen and respond.

“Many Ugandans have become disillusioned with the state of democracy in their country, and attendance at community-level meetings has gone from highest to the lowest in the region - NDI 2013”