The Philippines

What we do in The Philippines

Good governance and anti-corruption is high on the Filipino government’s public agenda. Government efforts are focused on enhancing transparency, increasing access to information and providing platforms so that ordinary people have a voice in how their government is run.

However, despite strong public commitments to open governance, power still resides largely with political clans and dynasties, public trust in government is limited, and democracy remains weak. Frequent natural disasters also undermine governance efforts, slowing economic activity and economic activity and contributing to violence, as communities compete for remaining land and resources.

Making All Voices Count projects in the Philippines are focussed on making the government’s budget management and planning processes inclusive and accountable, as well as finding new ways to build resilience to natural disasters.

“ There are challenges that need to be addressed to ensure irreversibility of governance reforms and that the benefits of an open government are directly felt by more citizens, especially the poor and those in the margins – Philippines OGP Action Plan 2013-2015”