What we do in Kenya

Over the last five years, Kenya has implemented a programme of devolution reforms aiming to address decades-old inequalities and disparities between regions.

By moving government and service provision closer to the people, devolution is providing an unprecedented opportunity to break the unresponsive and inequitable nature of Kenyan politics, which has consistently undermined accountability in the past.

Making All Voices Count is working to support uptake of the opportunities presented by devolution for more accountable governance in six target counties in Kenya: Turkana, Marsabit / Samburu, Kwale, Taita Taveta, Homa Bay and Makueni/Murang’a.

Partnering with government actors, CSOs, research and technology organisations, our aim is to overcome obstacles to citizen engagement and government response, and to strengthen health, education and public services throughout Kenya.

“Vulnerable citizens are often the last to know about critical issues that affect them, such as land tenure, police interventions and outbreaks of disease - Julio Otieno, Mtaani Initiative”